Our OUTREACH CENTER is looking for volunteers to help service homeless and at-risk Veterans and non-Veterans with basic necessities. Our Outreach Volunteer staff are in the front lines of helping meet those needs at begin the process of ending our client’s homelessness. This role is very challenging and rewarding at the same time. To be successful as a volunteer in the Outreach Center, one must possess an open mind and a willingness to look past superficial problems to help those who truly need it. If this appeals to you, please go to our Volunteer page to fill out an application and send it in.



Despite the recent hot weather, COVO needs to prepare for winter.  We weathered a pretty bad winter with only a few cold related injuries, thanks to people like you! That said, we are always in need of the “perishable” items used by those experiencing homelessness. Those constant needs are listed below:


1lb Propane bottles

Sleeping bags


Tarps of any size


Canned Protein (High Protein such as canned meats, chili, ravioli, tuna) 

Canned Fruits