Homeless Outreach

Stryker Park Outreach

Stryker Park Outreach

Our Outreach Program makes available goods to help the homeless and  extremely low-income Central Oregonians , both Veterans and non-Veterans, who don’t always have the means to purchase  basic needs items for health and safety. This support has increased awareness in the community for COVO’s mission to help those in need.   The Outreach Program operates a full line drop-in center, providing food, warm and clean clothing, sleeping bags and bedding, shelters, and other necessary items. Concurrently, COVO performs outreach services into the community, at designated locations throughout the area, to make COVO services more available to people who may not be able to reach them at the Outreach Center.The community supports COVO’s Outreach Program generously with donations of items and volunteer hours both in our drop-in center and doing street outreach.

Primarily, the mission of Central Oregon Veterans Outreach is not to promote the homeless lifestyle but to work diligently with those experiencing homelessness and our community partners to find solutions to end the homeless condition. Through the efforts of everyone involved, homelessness can be viewed as an acute situation and an end to homelessness can be part of the future.



10:00 – 10:30 …..North Hwy 97 at about MP131.5(Power Station Entrance)                                                      
11:00 – 11:30 …..Grace Reformed Presbyterian Church, Hamby Rd/Hwy 20
12:00 – 12:30…..Downtown Bend, Journey Church Lower Lot
(70 NW Newport Ave) 




Spring is on the way, but the cold and wet weather is still hanging in there. We still need to keep people warm, dry, and fed. This winter was a rough one, and our coffers are nearly depleted. We are in urgent need of the following items:

Propane (1lb cans)
High Protein Canned Foods (Canned Meats, Chili, etc.) ***Seriously Low***
Tents and Tarps
Sleeping Bags and Blankets
Size 30-36 waist men’s jeans


-Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s Clothing

-Winter Clothing of all sizes

-Propane (1lb disposable cans)

-Camping Equipment, ie: Tents, shelters, tarps, stoves, lights

-Canned food of any kind, high protein is extremely helpful

– Backpacks and duffel bags

-Bedding and Blankets

-Durable Medical Equipment (Walkers, Wheelchairs, etc.)


-Hygiene Supplies for Men and Women

-Infant and Baby Supplies