The COVO vision

In 2005, COVO began with a vision from members of Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #820 in Bend, Oregon. Members of the VVA Chapter #820 had begun interacting with homeless Veterans living on the streets or in camps in the Central Oregon area. Their first focus was to provide these homeless Veterans with food, clothing, sustenance items, survival gear, etc. This action has matured into what is now our Homeless Outreach Program. The community has provided encouragement and support of every imaginable sort and this program continues to grow.


COVOs Focus

In keeping with the mission of COVO to be an advocate for Veterans of all generations in Central Oregon, a particular focus has been on getting homeless, or at-risk Veterans, off the streets, finding them jobs, assisting them with their VA pensions/compensation and removing barriers that put them in the position of being homeless.


Growth and future

Currently, we support numerous Veterans and their families by providing a wide variety of housing alternatives, as well as job search preparedness and placement assistance. COVO continues to innovate and grow. Each new opportunity provides us with an increasing array of support from which Veterans and their families can choose to better the quality of their lives.