A. General:

Release of information to the public is an important factor in the transparency of the organization. Transparency is a tool to increase community engagement, provide better self-assessment as well as attracting outside resources.

B. Procedures:

1. the COVO website will make available the following documents:

2. COVO is not required to make photo copies of documents that are available on the website. However, they must still be available for inspection at the office.

3. Response Due Dates:

    • a. In-Person Requests: if a request is made in person at the COVO office, it shall be responded to on the same day (copies of these documents should be maintained for this purpose).
    • b. Written Requests: requestors are to be advised the documents are available on the website within 30 days (see paragraph B above).

4. Copying and Mailing fees: In the event copies are made the following applies:

    • a. $1.00 for the first page
    • b. 15 cents for each additional page
    • c. Postage

5. Penalties for failing to comply with a request for Disclosure

    • a. Failure to comply on the day of the request, if in person, or 30 days if in writing, IRS can assess a $20 per/day penalty for every day out of compliance.
    • b. There is a maximum penalty of $10,000 for failing to provide a copy of the annual information return (Form 990 and all schedule and attachments).
    • c. There is no maximum penalty for failure to provide a copy of the Tax-Exempt Application (Form 1023 or 1024)
    • d. Harassment Exception: Relief from disclosure is provided for an “Harassment Campaign.” This is a single coordinated effort to disrupt the operations of a tax-exempt organization, rather than to collect information about the organization.

C. Documents requested that are not listed above may be released only with the explicit approval of the Executive Director.