Getting around in Bend

As Bend continues to grow, getting around can be tough, as it is essentially a vehicle-focused community. For our clients who are without reliable transportation, what are the options?

In order to utilize many of the services available in Bend, our clients need to be able to get from Point A to Point B. In the spring and fall, the answer of “walking” is often the only viable option. For some, a bicycle can make  travel easier. But what happens in the cold winter or hot summer? Walking and biking are still options, but arriving at a job interview shivering and wet, or drenched in perspiration are not optimal. In response to this conundrum and in a partnership with Cascades East Transit (CET), COVO offers two different bus pass program to veterans and others in need.

Daily Bus Pass

 The first program is simply a free daily bus pass. COVO purchases a limited number of daily bus passes which we hand out through our Outreach program at the back entrance. 

  • Passes are available only on Monday. We absolutely do not provide daily passes any other day. There are no exceptions.
  • One pass per person. 
  • Pass is good only in Zone 1. They cannot be used for travel between zones or to outlying areas.

Monthly Bus Pass

COVO also purchases a limited supply of Monthly bus passes that sell for a discounted price of $10. These passes can be purchased any day that COVO is open (M-F, 9-4 generally). These passes are good for unlimited rides within Zone 1. We limit these to one per person, once per month. Passes are valid only during the month first used. So whether you get the pass on the 1st or the last day of the month, whatever month you first use it, it is only good through the end of that month. For example, you buy a monthly pass on February 18th. The first time you use it, the CET driver punches the ticket. Your ticket is now validated for February and only good through the end of February. To get better usage out of your pass, it’s always best to buy your pass as near to the beginning of the month as possible.

As always, we strive to help our clients get on their feet. Having access to reliable transportation is a very vital part of this transition for homeless or unstably-housed Veterans and community members. COVO can use your donations to provide other transportation assistance or services that help people get back on their feet. As always, we appreciate your tax-deductible donation.

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