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The goal of the SSVF program is to promote housing stability among very low-income Veterans and their families. This includes individuals and families who are either homeless, in housing crisis or at imminent risk of losing housing. We provide this assistance through various supportive and financial services. Sponsored by a grant from the Veterans Administration (VA), SSVF provides financial assistance and case management with the objective of helping our country’s veterans achieve housing stability. Our mission is to help the VA reach their target of ending veteran homelessness and provide support for veterans or family members who need it.


  • Case Management
  • Eviction Prevention Assistance
  • Deposit, Rental and Utility Assistance
  • Connection to Veteran Services
  • Connection to Social Security Benefits
  • Referrals and assistance with finding services
  • A safe and confidential place to talk about your personal situation and get guidance
  • Talk to us

    If you or someone you know is a veteran – who does NOT have a dishonorable discharge or a Bad Conduct discharge under General Court Martial – who earns less than a certain percentage of the Area Median Income and is in danger of losing housing or looking to gain housing, please call us at (541) 383-2793 or come to the COVO business office Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or email covo@covo-us.org.

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    We are always looking for qualified volunteers.
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