Healthcare for Homeless Veterans

Funded by the Veterans Administration, and in partnership with Bend’s Bethlehem Inn, COVO’s HCHV program offers a transitional program for homeless veterans.  Bethlehem Inn provides shelter, basic necessities, and shared case management duties with COVO in an effort to end veteran homelessness in Central Oregon.

Intensive case management with veterans has three main areas of focus:

Permanent Housing:

COVO and BI case managers work with the veterans to remove barriers, and seek affordable, sustainable housing.

Income Enhancement:

COVO partners with local area employment assistance agencies to provide career opportunities for veterans.


Homelessness can be physically and mentally detrimental.  HCHV works with veterans to get them enrolled in VA medical so such issues can be addressed.  Self-Determination can be hindered by substance abuse, depression, anxiety, shame, and a multitude of other issues.  In this area of focus, case managers work closely with veterans to help with self-esteem and worth.

For questions regarding transitional housing programs, please call COVO at 541-383-2793