Veteran Medical Transportation

Get a ride to your medical appointment


Portland VA Center

If you are a Veteran needing a ride to the Portland VA for medical care, you need to schedule directly with them at 503-721-7804. The Portland VA medical transport van has a regular route, with more information available at the number listed above.


Rural Transportation

If you live in the some of the far flung counties in Oregon, getting to and from VA approved medical appointments can not only be difficult, but cost prohibitive.  Several counties provide programs under the VA’s Highly Rural Transportation Grant, or other local grants, to get Veterans to their local or VA Medical Center, primarily Portland, WallaWalla, Roseburg or Boise.

Eligible Counties & the number to call for Transportation Services:

Get reimbursed for transportation to medical appointments

The VA also offers a the Beneficiary Travel program that provides reimbursement for travel to and from medical appointments. COVO suggests that all Veterans interested in the program visit the Beneficiary Travel page on the VA website for further information.

If you qualify, you can request reimbursement with the VETERAN/BENEFICIARY CLAIM FOR REIMBURSEMENT OF TRAVEL EXPENSES to request reimbursement.