Affordable Housing

COVO’s mission to find affordable housing for Veterans means that we have taken on the responsibility to create that housing. These houses are managed by Veteran-friendly Partners Property Management, to ensure that they are not only up to spec, but also clean and dignified. We take great pride in being able to offer these homes to Veterans and their families.


Housing for Heroes

COVO’s Housing For Heroes provides 12 units of supported housing. The Veterans and their families in these units are offered wrap-around support services to help them address the barriers that led them to homelessness and rebuild a successful, stable life for themselves and their loved ones. Support services include income enhancement through employment search support or applying for VA, Social Security and state benefits, getting medical and mental health services. In addition, finding healthy social connections through involvement with community organizations, education, child care, budgeting and money management, home health services, nutrition enhancement, and more.

COVO has single family homes in Madras, LaPine, Prineville and Bend, and apartments and a duplex in Bend.  Over 55 people are in safe, affordable housing because of COVO’s commitment to housing Veterans in need. For further information, check out the SSVF program.

Not a Veteran?

If you are a non-veteran and looking for affordable housing, your best course of action is to start at the NeighborImpact website. 


Or check out Housing Works’ Courtesy Apartment List

Courtesy Apt List


All of our units are professionally managed through Partner Property Management. If you are interested in our veteran-specific housing, please contact them at 541-389-4149 or email