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What kinds of things can I do as a volunteer?

Can you greet? Can you type? Can you file? Can you sort? Are you a good project manager? Do you like making phone calls? Can you organize and follow-up? Do you have an extensive professional network? Do you want to work outdoors or inside?

No matter how you want to be involved in helping Veterans, we’re certain there is a good fit at COVO. Our Outreach services are a good fit for some, while others enjoy being that first smile a client sees. Still others want to volunteer for a specific project – how about ourVeterans Day Parade – and for a limited duration.

Apply today.

We sincerely appreciate our volunteers and want to help you do the kinds of tasks that make you feel fulfilled. We don’t believe in assigning “busy work”, but rather will work with you to find out where you can have the most impact and make a genuine difference.

If this is something that you wish to be a part of, please fill out our volunteer application or drop by and let us know that you are interested in volunteering at COVO.

Download our application and send it in to our email. covo@covo-us.org

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